What is Behavioural Coaching and why it is one of the reasons why people need advisers?

This has been described as how a financial adviser helps people achieve their investment objectives by managing their emotions when markets fall and ensuring they stay invested.

This is one of the most significant impacts an adviser can have on an individuals investment returns.

Investing in the stock markets has been described as an emotional rollercoaster. When markets are high people want to invest and they want to withdraw their money when markets fall. THIS IS THE WRONG THING TO DO and is called ‘buying high and selling low’.

Many research papers (www.edvoa.co.uk) have demonstrated the cost of doing this to be a REDUCTION in investment returns of 1.5% to 2.00% per annum and this impact is huge when compounded over time.

Using an adviser will help to reduce fears, to ignore the noise created by anxious investors and media outlets and, crucially, will ensure staying invested.

In other words, using an adviser means keeping calm and achieving future life goals.

This is outlined in a video that can be made available for your clients

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