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What does EDVOA stand for?

EDVOA stands for Education and Demonstration of the Value Of Advice.

Who is behind EDVOA?

Nick French set up EDVOA to help advisers demonstrate the value of the advice they provide to clients. With over twenty years experience in financial services, Nick works alongside advisers and their businesses and has an in-depth understanding of the challenges and opportunities the profession faces.

Nick is passionate about the difference financial advice can make to peoples’ lives and believes there is an opportunity to create even greater understanding of its value amongst clients. That’s why he’s created EDVOA – a suite of online tools that complement the conversations advisers are already having by placing a number on the value of their advice to clients. 

Alongside EDVOA, Nick runs his consultancy business, Make a Difference Consulting (or MAD for short), helping financial advisers develop their practices.

Do I have to install anything?

No, you don’t have to install anything – EDVOA is an online system.

What browsers does it work best on?

EDVOA will work on the latest version of most browsers, including IE, Safari, Edge, Firefox and Chrome but will not work on IE8, or similar earlier browser versions.

How does payment work?

Click on ‘Subscribe now’ and add your payment details. You can pay by either debit or credit card. Payments are taken monthly.

How do I cancel?

Send an email to [email protected] and your subscription will be cancelled within 2 days.

How do I convert my free trial to a paid account?

When your 14 day free trial period ends, you will be sent a link for you to choose your plan. Select your preferred option and add your payment details.

I’ve forgotten my password, what should I do?

Click on ‘forgotten your password’ on the login page, add your email address and a reset your password email will be sent to you.

What should I do once I’ve set up my account?

Login and have a go! If you haven’t read it already jump to our Get Ready guide which will set you on the right path for using the tools.

I had a free trial and it expired but I’d like to sign up now, what do I do?

If your trial expired, you can subscribe to a plan by going to your account settings (click on you profile in the top right and select settings). These are still accessible, even after your trial has expired. Press ‘Teams’ and click on the team you would like to subscribe to EDVOA, and then press ‘Subscriptions’.

Where do you hold my data and what are your security measures?

We store your data on UK based servers in a secure data centre. Your data is protected with your account password and we never store your payment information or share your account information with any third parties other than Stripe, who handle secure payment. Your login session while you are using EDVOA is encrypted and any page you visit is securely loaded via through the “SSL” protocol which is represented by the green “Secure” padlock in your browser.

How do we update users on the ‘team’ and ‘organisation’ accounts. For instance, if someone has left the business, and we need to update the user?

This is easily done by the lead member, just login into the ‘your team’ section and amend the details.

What are the assumptions behind the numbers?

For the Adviser Adds Value tools, the figures for each of the individual factors are sourced from a number of research papers. The lowest values recorded in the research provide the default numbers in the tool. Take a look at our blog post and familiarise yourself with the research before using these tools. 

How accurate are the figures?

The figures are returns compounded over time and are rounded to the nearest thousand pounds.

Who can use it?

The tools are perfect for use by Advisers and Paraplanners.

Does the data pre-populate across tools?

No, the data does not pre-populate across tools.

When will I start to pay?

When your 14 day free trial finishes you’ll be directed to your subscription page where you can sign-up and continue using EDVOA.

What payment methods do you take?

All major debit or credit cards.

When do you take payment?

Every month on the same date as your first payment i.e. if your first payment is on 3rd of the month, we will take all following monthly payments on 3rd of the month.

Does the price include VAT?

VAT is added to the payment.

Will I get an invoice?

Yes, you most certainly will. 

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