Put a value on your advice and help clients understand just how much it’s worth. EDVOA’s easy-to-use tools do exactly that. An EDVOA account gives you access to the full suite of tools.

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The AAV Tool

There’s value in taking guidance from a Financial Adviser; show how much by using the AAV Tool.

Puts a figure on that value

Offers an annualised figure

Allows client interaction with figures

Presents the impact on the client’s investments over time

Provides a PDF output for the client

The AAV Tool

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The Indicative Tax Advantages (ITA) Tool

The Indicative Tax Advantages (ITA) Tool

Demonstrate the difference you’ve made to your clients’ tax planning with the ITA Tax Tool.

Estimates all tax saved each year

Host all the estimated tax savings in one place

Display the indicative impact of tax savings over time

Output available in easy to read PDF

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The Additional Cash (AC) Tools

Cash is an important part of a client’s portfolio. The AC Cash Tool reinforces why cash needs to be in the asset allocation analysis and gives clients a full picture on any market corrections.

See the consequences of market falls on portfolios

Visualise the impact if more cash is included

Select varying percentages

Clients can interact with figures

The Additional Cash (AC) Tools

Got questions? Perhaps we’ve already answered it.

The Cash Management Tool

The Cash Management Tool

Highlight the importance of cash management products. These look after clients’ bank accounts by taking multiple amounts and spreading them to get the best returns. They are continuously monitored and if required, moved to higher interest ones.

Holds clients’ investment amounts

Allows you to input the current bank account rate

Additional rates can be added

Shows enhanced cash return impact over time

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