Treating my clients with care and consideration is part of the value I can offer them.

Alan Moran of Interface Financial Planning discovered the EDVOA suite of tools at a recent PFS Regional Conference. Alan has kindly agreed to explain how he might use EDVOA in his business.

Making a difference to lives

Making a difference to lives I’m in business for one reason; my advice makes a difference to peoples’ lives – it’s my way of helping them. I wouldn’t be running a financial advice business if I couldn’t do that. We believe in looking after people and treating them as individuals with different starting points, problems, opportunities and ambitions. To me, they aren’t a segment or an asset value; they’re varying bundles of worries and joys that I need to make a difference to and treat with care and consideration.

Where will EDVOA fit in to my business?

The care we take of our clients and their money is where we deliver our value. My customers always appreciate the personal care and consideration I put into managing their financial affairs. It’s the way I run my business and I wouldn’t want it any other way.

There are a couple of drivers for considering  how I can incorporate the EDVOA tools into my business.

Being an ex-teacher, I like helping my clients understand their financial situation and options. Finding ways to explain and ensure they have the right level of information. I use a number of tools to help bring the circumstances to life. Alongside my trusty flip chart and pen, EDVOA could be a useful addition to client meetings – helping to demonstrate the difference in return of financial planning with my advice.

In addition to helping to demonstrate the value of my advice, EDVOA proves useful as evidence for clients and the regulator.

As I start to integrate EDVOA into my existing processes, I’m looking forward to the conversations the tools will help me to have with my clients – further shedding a light on their circumstances and the actions we are taking together.

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